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Classic recognizes that educated boards are empowered boards.  Educated boards can fully and completely carry out their fiduciary responsibilities on behalf of their residents, allowing them and their communities to be more successful.  We provide an array of educational opportunities to our clients.


Board Orientation
This value-added comprehensive program focuses on the inner workings of an association, roles of the board, and maintaining assets.  An inter-active Power Point program and "take away" booklet provide a solid basis of information for new or returning board members.  Classic executive staff can answer questions or address challenges particular to your association.

Town Hall Meetings
The best way to help educate residents is to provide education when boards have their informal gatherings with residents during the year.  Through specific presentations, Classic provides answers to the many questions residents typically ask during such events.  In providing this training at such sessions, residents are better equipped to understand their community and its legal documents.  Informed residents are more ready to engage by complying with regulations established for their benefit.

Annual Meeting Education
As an enhancement to the annual meetings conducted by our client associations, Classic presents an educational session that educates residents on the purpose of their association and how they are an important part of the process.  Through detailed information, many first time attendees gain a better understanding of their association, their role and obligations, and how their board works on their behalf to enhance the community.

Classic's Meet the Managers
Periodically, Classic invites its board leadership to our corporate offices to network, meet peers, and discuss issues and challenges with their managers and administrative assistants.  


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